Useful links

In this section I have compiled the software, websites and other resources that I use on a daily basis in my research. In addition, I have added also other kind of useful software, websites and apps. This section is continually updated as I find new interesting tools.

Scientific software

Reference manager

Zotero: In my opinion, the best reference manager (available for Windows, Mac and Linux).

Zoo for Zotero: An android app for Zotero.

Zotero iOS: The official Zotero app for iPhone and iPad.

Aqueous geochemical calculations

PHREEQC notepad++: The best version for working with PHREEQC when you have experience.

PHREEQCi: The best version for getting started with PHREEQC.

PHREEQC webpage

PHREEQC Users forum

Crystal structure visualization


VESTA tutorial: Tutorial for visualising structures using VESTA (in Spanish).

X-Ray diffraction analysis


Profex youtube channel: Profex tutorials, tips and update reviews.


Mineral database

Mindat: The most complete mineral database.

Webmineral: Outdated website. However, it has a very interesting tool to search for minerals by diffraction peaks.

RRUFF: Mineral database including Raman spectra and X-ray diffraction.

Crystal structure database

American Mineralogist crystal structure database

Crystallography Open Database

3D crystal models

3D crystal models: 3D crystal morphologies and structures for 3D printing.

Smorf crystals: Crystal morphologies for 3D viewing (including face indexing).


Overleaf: Online LaTeX editor.


EPFL Crsytallography: EPFL webpage with several java apps for crystallography.

Other software

3D software

FreeCAD: Open Source CAD.

Blender: Open Source 3D modeling software.

3DF Zephyr: An user friendly photogrammetry software.

Meshroom: Open Source photogrammetry software.


XteroApp: App to practice stereographic projection of crystallographic models.

Carlos Pimentel
Carlos Pimentel
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